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Song of the Day 800

Songofthedaychile, the sister-blog of world famous blogspot papasgotabrandnewblog, hits the 800th consecutive daily post today, a feat which has taken 800 days to complete. The popular blog, which is synced daily to Facebook, first hit the cyber-waves 800 days ago on January 25th 2012. The first song to be featured, 800 days in the past, was "My Baby Just Cares For Me" by Nina Simone. Now, 800 days later, the world awaits with bated breath to see what the 800th song will be.

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Coming Back To Life!

Reports are coming through that World Famous blogspot Papasgotabrandnewblog has ended it's self imposed hiatus and is "in business" after a lay off of over a month.. The popular online journal wants to show that it is alive & kicking and ready to roll (Ed. whatever that means???).
Kapadokya Tomb (Cappadocia, 2014)

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Blogging Season Begins!

World famous bloodspot Papasgotabrandnewblog is proud to present the official start of the 2014 blogging season. Proceedings had been delayed because the official Danny's Garden (Front and back at N`12) 2014 Calendar  hadn't arrived at the PGABNB HQ. The aforementioned document, which was delivered earlier today by pigeon post, was received with great joy and celebration. 

The official blogging season actually happens to coincide with the 3rd birthday of Bristol born babes  Isla and Amelie but due to the current PGABNB ban of posts related to birthdays we are unable to wish them an amazing birthday and wonderous greetings for the coming year. 

The same fate befell Bristol based Ski-man Josh W (seen here doing a Mike Tyson on an unsuspecting stranger) who went ungreeted on his birthday 3 days ago (Jan 24th), and little known rock singer David Bowie who celebrated his birthday on January 8th.

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No Hope of a Bithday Greeting!

Rumours are spreading on the internet that world famous blogspot papasgotabrandnewblog has neglected to send birthday greetings to New Zealand based singer/songwriter Hetty Hope who celebrates her birthday today. Apparently, blog readers have been abandoning the once popular blogspot in droves due to an overkill of birthday greetings.

“We want real news” once angry reader proclaimed, before adding “Happy Birthday Ms. Hope, can I get an autographed photo of the Dovetails please!”
Today's picture shows an actress who is related to Ms. Hope but it has nothing to do with the fact that it's Ms. Hope's birthday, it's just pure coincidence.
ps. The actress in the picture is NOT, we repeat Not looking for a birthday card for her mum. 

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

2013 is Dead

Although not a year of quantity on World Famous Blogspot Paoasgotabrandnewblog, there were flashes of quality. The “Little Lola Montana” story on Jan 18th picked up the following comment: AnonymousHighly amused of Clifton said...This is an OUTRAGEOUS post!!! Possibly my favourite ever! What a scandal - right under our (and her little) noses.

Jan 22nd saw the publication of the original poem “Some Crocodiles”, reproduced here in its entirety:
Some crocodiles,
can see for miles,
whilst others are short-sighted
But please beware,
them anywhere
if not you might get bited.

Hairdresser's Kids Abducted By Aliens! on Jan 23rd was a staff favourite, along with anything starring Maya Eve of Destruction just because we love writing out Maya Eve of Destruction as often as we can (small things amuse small minds – Ed.). Lola Moon being confused with a small boy in a Bee Suit also made us titter.

May saw the release of Santiago-based experimental visual artist and electronic groove-maker Experiment SH1310’s short film “Students Marching” plus numerous other visually supported musical releases including the video single “Feelin High” and 2 longer projects (“Hello Cruel World Goodbye” & “No Town to Motown).

Not bad for a bad year!
Santiago Street Art, Dec 2013
Some gezzer getting in the way of Santiago Street Art

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year New Zealand!

World Famous BlogSpot Papagotabrandnewblog would like to say:

Happy New Year to all our readers in New Zealand

Monday, December 30, 2013

Blog Equals 2nd Worst Total

World Famous BlogSpot Papasgotabrandnewblog has equalled its 2nd worst annual blog total with just one day to spare. There had been worries at the blog camp that it had been left too late but blog staff have been working night and day to avoid receiving the unwanted 2nd worst annual blog total award and look set to do just that by the slimmest of margins. If the troubled online journal manages to upload a post tomorrow it will receive the much less feared 3rd worst annual blog total award and avert what has been referred as the biggest publishing disaster in years.
Watch this space!
 Peruvian Salt Mines, near Cusco.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blogspot Struggles to Ward Off Unwanted Award

World famous blogspot papasgotabrandnewblog is in a race against time to keep out of the record books. With only 3 days to spare the wacky online journal needs to hit 66 posts before the start of 2014 or be awarded the prize for the second worst annual blog post total on world famous blogspot papasgotabrandnewblog since if first hit the web in 2006.
“2013 was always going to be a difficult year” said a spokesperson for the popular online site. “It’s going to be a close call but, I think we can avoid the bad record” he added.
As it stands, something needs to be posted ever day until 2014 for the blog to avoid the unwanted record. Whilst logic suggests this is a fairly straight-forward task, staff at World famous blogspot papasgotabrandnewblog are taking nothing for granted. In recent weeks, the blog has been troubled by rumours regarding the quality and integrity of the posts it has published and questions have been asked in relation to the abundance of “birthday greeting posts”, with accusations of them being published as “sweeteners” for prospective advertisers or sponsors. Police are investigating these claims and are believed to be questioning, a Gardener from Droitwich, a Hairdresser from Chipping Norton, a Chocolate Maker from Bristol and a Violin Maker from the Wellington area of New Zealand.
To top things off, the low number of posts this year has also been called in to question, hence the extra effort to avoid the unwanted record.
More news soon!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rumours Not True!

World famous BlogSpot papasgotabrandnewblog has rubbished reports claiming that it has resorted to running stories of little worth in an attempt to "out post" its second lowest ever posts tally and thus stifle the rumours that the once popular online site is struggling to carve out a niche in an extremely competitive and cut-throat industry.
"It's not true" said a spokesperson for the BlogSpot. "Don't believe a word. We have been running highly topical themes of late and we feel they are particularly newsworthy. Take this story for example, we're the only online site covering it and the people need to know what's going on".
The spokesperson, who refused to be named, said that spirits at the blog were high and that 2014 promised to be a bumper year. For what, however, he didn't specify.
Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism

Friday, December 27, 2013

Blog Posts Any old Rubbish Claim

According to rumours, world famous blogspot Papasgotabrandnewblog is publishing any old rubbish in order to finish the year on a high. The online journal has seen a slump in popularity over the last 12 months after effectively resorting to publishing birthday announcements of erstwhile readers from around the globe.
“That’s not the way forward” one reader exclaimed. “ I hope 2014 is a better year for the blog.”
Papasgotabrandnewblog is planning to run a special issue on the fates of the once world famous blogspot in the coming weeks to answer the question “What went wrong?”

Thursday, December 26, 2013


According to reports, 3 young girls from the Bristol area have won the annual World's Best-Dressed Sleepers Award thanks to an array of pyjama designs as shown in the photo above.
World famous BlogSpot Papasgotabrandnewblog would like to congratulate the girls on their fantastic win. This is the first time the prize has had UK winners which makes their triumph all the more special.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Song of the Day 700

World famous BlogSpot papasgotabrandnewblog's sister site. Song of the Day (Chile: hit 700 posts today, December 25th 2013. The 700th song was Nina Simone's captivating rendition of "I Love My Baby". This is music!

Sunday, December 22, 2013


Dodgy Bristol-based builder Ged H has written a very special letter to Santa requesting a very special present –a birthday wish. The reason that Ged’s request is so special is because his birthday is actually 2 days before Christmas and may involve Santa having to turn back time. What Ged’s after is a win for Arsenal Football club on his birthday which is today when they face Chelsea. Obviously, it Arsenal don’t win poor Santa will have to climb down Ged’s chimney on Christmas eve and stuff the 3 points in Ged’s stocking and then visit nearly everybody in the world to take the point or points off Chelsea before wiping everybody’s memories of the draw or Chelsea win.

“I know it seems like a lot of work” Ged told a papasgotabrandnewblogspot reporter, “but I’ve been a good boy this year. I’ve eaten all my greens, brushed my teeth at least 2 or 3 times a day and I’ve only spun on my head in public once.”

World famous blogspot PGABNB spoke to Santa’s press officer to ask what the chances of Ged’s wish coming true were.

“This is a very busy time of the year for Santa” the PO explained. “Santa’s only official comment is “Ho, ho, ho” so it’s any one’s guess.”

Ladbrokes has Arsenal at odds of 13/10 for the win with Chelsea at 21/10 and 12/5 for the draw.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Birthday Bias - Blog Blasted

World famous BlogSpot papasgotabrandnewblog has been blasted by its reader for what has been described as "birthday bias". According to a reader from the Bristol area (the reader - Ed), PGABNB has missed out on a number of important red-letter days this year which has severely damaged the popular online journal's reputation. The latest Birthday to not-be-reported was that of Bristol-based artist Natty Dread H who celebrated her birthday on December 18th.
Staff at PGABNB sprang to the defence of the journal and retorted by stating that the blog was "only as good at its readers", adding that "certain roving reporters hadn't been pulling their weight". Whilst not wanting to name names, a spokesperson for the journal said that the roving reporter in question was "only a feather-weight". When quizzed on this response they would only mumble cryptically that the "bird reference was a good lead to follow" and that their roving reporter had informed them of Ms Dread's birthday "a day AFTER the event had taken place".
To make amends, world famous BlogSpot papasgotabrandnewblog who like to wish Ms Dread belated birthday greetings on behalf of all it's staff and reader.


Thursday, December 19, 2013

Dan Dan Birthday Man

Bristol-based Rock Star Dan C celebrates his birthday today. PapasgotabrandnewBIRTHDAYblog wishes him many happy returns!

Friday, December 13, 2013

Chocolate Queen Takes a Birthday Break

Today's star photo shows Bristol-based "Queen of Chocolates" Lucy C having a well earned cuppa.
World famous BlogSpot Papasgotabrandnewblog sends birthday greetings

Friday, November 29, 2013

Missing Birthday Woman

International Police are trying to trace a Bristol based woman who was last sighted mid-to-late-October in the Kapiti Coast region of New Zealand. The woman, who has been named as Terri C, celebrated her 60th birthday yesterday and family and friends are worried at her disappearance. Police suspect that Terri has become involved with a strange Luddite-type cult that operates in and around the town of Paekakariki luring women into their fold and then enslaving them and forcing them to carry out household chores. The cult is totally against the use of even the most rudimentary technical devices which makes it almost impossible for their victims to contact their loved ones.
Anyone with information regarding the whereabouts of Terri should contact their local Police immediately.
In the meantime, World famous BlogSpot Papasgotabrandnewblog wishes to convey belated birthday greetings to Terry C from all its reader (er....that's me - Ed.) and hope she is found safe and sound soon. It is, however, unlikely that she will ever receive this greeting given her current predicament.